Bloodhound Surface to Air Missile etc.

In the 1980's I worked on the Type 86 Radar "Indigo Corkscrew" which was part of the Bloodhound medium range surface to air missile system operated by the RAF and a few other countries. It is long obsolete and there is only limited information available on internet.

What is on the net is not always acurate. If you follow these two links you will find a outline history of Bloodhound and Thunderbird and details of deployment in the UK and worldwide.

The following images are available thanks to Norman Murphy. To download the full size images from this server please click on the thumbnail images.

Bloodhound II , 113 kB (UK foreground, Swiss, part assembled, background)

Bloodhound II , 45 kB

Bloodhound II , 69 kB (the small object centre right is a ram jet intake cover)

Bloodhound II Woomera, 47 kB

Bloodhound II Alnwickhill, Edinburgh, 98 kB

Bloodhound 21 Export Brochure

BAC Thunderbird II Brochure


Another vintage UK missile was the Seaslug, from Simon Jenkins

ANCIENT Links to Other Bloodhound Material (MOSTLY BROKEN, were OK 2001 12 30, )

Please follow the links to see the full size images at the original sites. Starting with what are a couple of the best sites:

Chris Gibson Has a superb collection of information

Richard Vernon CLOSED ? is building a very good Bloudhound II site.

Bloodhound II at the Phantom JetCLOSED ? Archive

Bloodhound II at the Britishforces.comCLOSED ?.

Bloodhound II From David FarrantCLOSED ?

Bloodhound I at the V Force museum CLOSED ?

Bloodhound II at the 25 Squadron CLOSED ?Association

Bloodhound II & T86 Radar at Flygvapenmuseum CLOSED ?, Sweden

More detail from the FlygvapenmuseumCLOSED ? by Robert Ludin.

Bloodhound II at the Bristol Aero Collection

Bloodhound I impacting a CanberraCLOSED ?, from D Foster

Bloodhound "I" at DuxfordCLOSED ? museum.

Bloodhound under a BelvedereCLOSED ?

Bloodhound II 1:32 model from FlightpathCLOSED ?

The Swiss connection

well worth visiting, very good images.

Swiss Bloodhound images from Karl Baer CLOSED ?- some excellent pictures.

more Swiss family images from Marcel Baer CLOSED ?- again, excellent pictures.

Bloodhound images from a Swiss Military History CLOSED ?site.

Much of the UK missile testing in the 1960's took place near Woomera. There are a couple of sites, one about the town CLOSED ?and missile park by Darren Carruthers and another about the WoomeraCLOSED ? satellite launching.


Happily Bloodhound was never fired in anger and the most common target was the unmanned Jindivik. The intention was a programmed near miss but the result was occasionally a direct impact. Please follow the links to see the full size images at the original sites.

Gib's sites has a complete Jindivik flight sequence from Australia CLOSED ?

Andy Evans has described the UKCLOSED ? end of things at Llanbedr and Aberporth.


More general history on UK missilesCLOSED ? and satellite launchers by Nicholas Hill.
The NikeCLOSED ? was a US SAM of similar vintage to Bloodhound.
Historical Radar Sites CLOSED ?in Scotland.

More images at the Thunderbird Missile page